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What is 'povertyism'?

Poverty affects children from very different backgrounds and discrimination on the basis of disability, race or immigration status mean that some sections of the population are significantly over represented among poor families. However many families living in poverty also report being discriminated on the basis of being poor, and this being compounded when involved with child welfare services.

This learning object explores the way that this discrimination works and seeks to help make practitioners aware of the impact and implications some of the ways they work for the families who use services. In this learning object you will examine ways socially excluded individuals may be discriminated against for being poor (or 'povertyism?').

You will then watch some family members present some ways in which they feel povertyism is being perpetuated by professionals and agencies. This is followed by a conclusion and a final video message.

James Blewett
Anna Gupta
Jane Tunstill
Social Care Institute for Excellence