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Serious violent and sexual offenders: the use of risk assessment tools in Scotland

This report is organised into six chapters and explores a range of issues including the approaches to risk assessment by different professional groups and the progress of validation in respect of the different risk assessment tools in use. Comment is made on risk assessment in action, who carries out risk assessments, how they are carried out and the mechanisms that are in place to ensure a consistent approach to risk assessment within organisations.

In addition, the perceived advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to risk assessment are considered and how assessments inform risk management. Examination of issues associated with multi-agency involvement in risk assessment and management is also made. Finally, conclusions are presented along with a classification of risk assessment tools and approaches in use in Scotland against a number of essential and desirable criteria for risk assessment tools derived from previous research.

Gill McIvor
Hazel Kemshall
Gill Levy
Scottish Executive Social Research