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Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001

This Act of Scottish Parliament establishes a new independent body to regulate care services in Scotland to be known as the Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care ('The Commission'). It also establishes a system of care regulation, encompassing the registration and inspection of care services against a set of national care standards and the taking of any enforcement action; a new independent body, to be known as the Scottish Social Services Council ('The Council') to regulate social service workers and to promote and regulate their education and training.

The Act also makes a number of amendments and minor changes in related areas and legislation. The Act is in seven parts. Part 1 covers The Commission and care services; Part 2 looks at local authority adoption and fostering services; Part 3 at the Scottish Social Services Council; Part 4 details general principles of the Act; Part 5 relates to provisions common to both The Commission and The Council; Part 6 is a miscellaneous section and Part 7, a general section.

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