Person-centred support: what service users and practitioners say

Opinions of service users, practitioners and managers on person-centred support. This study examines person-centred support, a key new concern in public services. It does this by bringing together for the first time the views, ideas and experience of service users, face to face practitioners and managers. Government is committed to ‘personalisation’, ‘self-directed support’ and ‘individual budgets’ in social care, aiming for increased choice and control for the people who use services. This is a move away from traditional, 'one-size-fits-all' approaches.

The research asks: what person-centred support means to people who use, work in and manage services; what barriers exist to making services person-centred; and how the obstacles might be overcome. The report builds on new evidence from the national Standards We Expect project, bringing together for the first time direct experience in 20 areas of the UK. These include different service sectors and a wide range of service user groups. The report will be of value and assistance to everyone interested in social care, health and taking forward the new reforms.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation