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International perspectives on parenting support: non-English language sources

This reports on a project to understand "what works" in parenting support, beyond the English language international evidence. English language literature was reviewed in 'What works in Parenting Support, (Moran, Ghate and van der Merwe 2004). This project focused on Denmark, France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands and aimed to: consider what works in parenting support; describe processes, models of delivery and underlying philosophies of provision; identify key messages to inform policy and practice in England.

The report concludes that parenting support had high priority in policies for children and families but the extent to which it was embedded in policy and legislation varied. It presents a number of policy implications for England.

Janet Boddy
June Statham
Marjorie Smith
Deborah Ghate
Valerie Wigfall
Hanan Hauari
Cinzia Canali
Inge Danielsen
Marion Flett
Simon Garbers
Hélène Milova
Department for Children, Schools and Families