Experts by Experience

'Experts by Experience' is suitable for use throughout law learning. The materials will: introduce users to how service users and carers have experienced legal interventions by social workers; identify how experts by experience identify good and poor practice by social workers; present what experts by experience suggest are the essential knowledge, skills and values that social workers should have and how they should use them; present key messages for social workers on what is really important for service users and carers when legal interventions are being used.

'Experts by Experience' presents a series of video interviews with 4 service users and carers, each of which is divided into 5 questions. In the 4 video sections, we have provided users with a full transcript of each video segment on each video screen and users can also download a version that they can print out. Please note that there is a text only version of this learning object, which facilitates use of the resource on slow connections or with assistive software.

Michael Preston-Shoot
Suzy Braye
Social Care Institute for Excellence