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Experiences of the early implementation of the Mental health (care and treatment) (Scotland) act 2003: a cohort study

This research study, commissioned by the Scottish Government Health Directorate, has evaluated the experience and perspectives of those with direct experience of, as well as those working with, the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 (MHCT Act). A team of independent researchers including 8 mental health service users undertook the study, which lasted 2 years from September 2006.

The broad aim of the study was to evaluate the implementation of the MHCT Act by exploring in-depth the experiences and perceptions of service users, informal carers/relatives, and various health and social care professionals and advocacy workers, and to consider stakeholders’ views in light of those expressed prior to implementation of the MHCT Act. The methodological approach was qualitative, using interviews and focus groups as the main tools to articulate different viewpoints and explore individual experiences of compulsion.

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