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Social Work Intervention

Social Work Intervention is suitable for use once students have appreciated the basic structure and content of the legal rules, which can be applied to a case. Social Work Intervention will raise awareness of: the legal rules that create the framework for social work intervention; the different points of intervention: initial referral and screening, assessment and care planning; and review and re-assessment.

In Social Work Intervention users will be asked to work through two related case studies considering the different points for intervention - initial referral and screening, assessment and care planning, and review and re-assessment. As users work through these stages they will be asked to make choices as to what data sources should be consulted, what legislation and guidance will be of most relevance and which stakeholders should be consulted. Users will be then given feedback on their decisions. Please note that there is a text only version of this learning object, which facilitates use of the resource on slow connections or with assistive software.

Michael Preston-Shoot
Suzy Braye
Social Care Institute for Excellence