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Protecting children: the next steps to securing their safety - a policy position paper on the establishment of an index of adults unsuitable to work with children

The consultation paper Protecting Children: Securing Their Safety - A Pre-legislative Consultation Paper on Establishing an Index of Adults Unsuitable to Work with Children was published in July 2000. It set out the Scottish Executive’s intention to establish an Index of persons dismissed from employment (including as unpaid volunteers) with children in circumstances leading to the conclusion that they might pose a threat to children. It also set out an intention to make it an offence for those on the Index, and those convicted of certain serious offences against children, to work with children.

This document reports on the responses to this consultation. There was universal support for the fundamental proposition to establish an Index of adults unsuitable to work with children and to create the associated offence. In the light of the comments received, the Scottish Executive proposes to modify some of the proposals set out in the original consultation paper.

The remainder of this policy position paper gives for each of the detailed proposals an indication of the level of support received, and specific comments, criticisms and modifications made or suggested. It also indicates the Scottish Executive’s present position on these matters, particularly where this varies from that in the original consultation paper.

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