Keys to the future: an independent evaluation of Shelter Children's Services (England and Scotland)

An independent evaluation of Shelter's Children's Services.

In 2004, Shelter launched its Million Children Campaign to raise awareness of the impact of homelessness on children and families. In response to issues highlighted by the campaign, Shelter made a proactive decision to develop a range of pilot services for children, young people and families, that could test new ways of working to prevent child homelessness and to support children who were already homeless to achieve better outcomes.

The Shelter Children’s Services programme, that was developed as a consequence, consisted of seven locality-based services, a legal service, an advice line for frontline workers in children’s services and wider co-ordination activities that aimed to influence policy and disseminate the good practice
generated by the programme.

Angus McCabe
Karen Garry
Polly Goodwin et al