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Introduction to law (English)

This learning object is suitable especially for an opening module, as it provides an orientation into the subject and will stimulate debate on tricky legal and ethical issues. Introduction to Law sets out to make users aware of: the importance and relevance of law; how interesting law can be; the many ways that law impacts upon our lives and work; the importance of Law to social work practice; and the connections between Law and social work values. 'Why Study Law' asks you to reflect upon how you see the law through a 10 question quiz.

At the end of the quiz there is a summary of the main points. 'Introductory Case Studies' presents four audio case studies where difficult decisions have to be made. You will be asked to make choices based on your own views and the legal implications of choices will be made clearer to you. 'Odd One Out' sets out to test your knowledge of law as it relates to Social Work. You will work through a short quiz and for each try to identify which answer is the odd one out and why. Please note that there is a text only version of this learning object.

Please note: SCIE not longer offers this resource. It is listed here for reference purposes.

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Michael Preston-Shoot
Suzy Braye