Improving the outcomes for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils: literature review

The literature review sought to identify relevant findings, evidence and discussion in the literature on GRT pupils and their parents, from 1997 onwards. The review draws on UK material with the inclusion of selected European sources. The findings of the review are summarised according to key themes, including: attitudes; expectations; aspirations; relationships; parental involvement; attendance and mobility; behaviour; achievement.

The review highlighted that school attendance and achievement of Gypsy Traveller pupils remain well below expected levels. Discriminatory school policies and practices, low expectations of Gypsy Traveller pupils, negative attitudes and stereotyping, racism, bullying, lack of curriculum relevance, lack of understanding of Traveller culture, as well as social and economic disadvantage, have all been identified in the literature as factors adversely affecting this.

Anne Wilkin
Chris Derrington
Brian Foster
Department for Children, Schools and Families