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How do health professionals deal with life and death decisions? Harsh realities : Programme 1 - BBC Radio 4 Science

Harsh Realities looks at how doctors, nurses, social services, and advisers take vital decisions about our lives. The first programme in the series tackles child abuse. When a medical professional suspects that a child has been assaulted, what course of action should they take? Removing a child from his or her home is a dramatic step. If there is even a hint of doubt about the case, should the professionals act – or play it safe?

This programme is the first of three chaired by Niall Dickson, the BBC’s social affairs editor. In each programme, Niall will be joined by professionals who have direct experience of the subject under discussion. To listen, select programme 3 for audio access.

Niall Dickson
Olive Stevenson
Bashir Kereshi
Ray Wire
David Michael
British Broadcasting Corporation