How can your agency support you in accessing and using knowledge to be poverty aware?

It is now increasingly understood that there are different types of knowledge, all of which contribute to the ability of members of the children's workforce to do their jobs well. Understanding the types of knowledge that are available, and having access to this knowledge is an important aspect for anybody who is working with families that are living in poverty.

The first part of this learning object explores the different types of knowledge that exists to aid you in your day to day work. Having been introduced to the different types of knowledge a series of questions will enable you to rate how your agency performs in allowing you and encouraging you to access and disseminate the different types of knowledge. Once you have reflected on this you will be able to see our suggestions on how you can enhance the performance of your agency in the areas that you felt could be improved.

James Blewett
Anna Gupta
Jane Tunstill
Social Care Institute for Excellence