Please note The Learning Exchange is no longer under development, this resource may be out of date. This page is provided for archival purposes only.

Film Exchange on Alcohol and Drugs (FEAD)

The FEAD project began in February 2008 and was designed and developed in-house at Lifeline project. The FEAD initiative grew in direct proportion to the quality of the contributions and generosity of the contributors. In a period of change for the drugs field we are pleased to be able to open the door to our own learning and perspectives, and do so for people who visit the website.

There are a number of aims behind the project: 1. To demonstrate the wealth of knowledge and experience in the field; 2. To support current debates and bring them to a wider audience; 3. To provide discussion material for training and development purposes; 4. To use video clips to share key documents and other further reading; 5. To establish a platform through which to share important ideas with our workforce, client group, and community.