Ethical standards in public life etc. (Scotland) Act 2000

This Act of Scottish Parliament is in seven parts.

Part 1 looks at codes of conduct for councillors, members of devolved public bodies, revisal of members' codes and the duties of councils and devolved public bodies.

Part 2 of the Act covers methods of enforcing the codes of conduct and investigating any claims which allege a code has been broken.

Part 3 contains general and miscellaneous provisions relating to Parts 1 and 2, including definitions of terms in the Act.

Part 4 details codes of conduct for members of other bodies.

Part 5 describes functions of the Controller of Audit and Accounts commission for Scotland.

Part 6 relates to changes in law about teaching and welfare of children.

Part 7 is a general section which look at the provisions of Parts 1 to 4.

The Scottish Parliament
The Queen's Printer for Scotland