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Edward Stanton's story

My name is Edward Stanton. I am the Chairperson of People First in Glasgow. I am 72 now, and was born in Glasgow, in Kinning Park. I have lived in Glasgow all my life. Glasgow has got a lot better for disabled people over the years. It's a lot better now than when I was young.
People First is a collective self-advocacy organisation for people with learning difficulties. It is run by people with learning difficulties. We meet in groups and support each other to speak up for ourselves. A lot of people don't have the confidence to do that on their own. We try to give each other that confidence.
People First has helped me a lot in the past. It has supported me to live a more independent life. We campaign for all people with learning difficulties to be more independent.
I've been involved in a lot of campaigning. We've campaigned for better transport services; for an end to segregation in schools – I think all kids should go to the same school – we're all human; for long-stay hospitals to be closed down.
The wheelchair route was my idea because I'm always out and about. You should be able to get all over Glasgow in a wheelchair. But you can't because the pavements are awful. Kerbs are too high and there's pot-holes everywhere – they can damage your wheelchair.
The idea was for something like a cycle route. It will be marked out and signposted. Anyone will be able to follow the route and know it is suitable for a wheelchair. And you won't have to worry about motors. It is only small to begin with, but I hope it will go all over Glasgow in the end.

This is a good example of these Citizen Leadership principles:

Being disabled isn’t a reason not to be an activist – it’s a reason to be an activist
6. Equality
It’s wrong that people in wheelchairs should be less free than anyone else to get about. Money spent on roads and pavements should benefit everybody
8. Wider Benefit
This wheelchair route will be for anyone in Glasgow that can’t get about safely just now

Edward's Story

Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability