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Education and lifelong learning research findings No47/2009: production of case studies of flexible learning and support packages for young people who require more choices and more chances

The study, commissioned by the Scottish Government, was intended to inform a series of papers on ‘Building the Curriculum’ being prepared as part of the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). The study had several key objectives: to identify and select five case studies of provision for young people who require more choices and more chances (MCMC); to gain a detailed understanding of the activities and achievements of the organisations, partnerships or programmes within the case studies; and to identify the factors influencing success in each case study and assess how any challenges had been addressed.

Five case studies were selected to illustrate a range of provision in different contexts, and identified as examples of good practice by a range of key stakeholders across Scotland. Within each case study the research methods varied to suit the different contexts but generally involved interviews with providers, pupils, and parents, and scrutiny of providers’ own evaluations and monitoring information.

Kevin Lowden
Alison Devlin
Stuart Hall
George Head
Jon Lewin
the Scottish Government