Debt Arrangement and Attachment (Scotland) Act 2002

This Act of Scottish Parliament is in five parts. Part 1 covers the Debt Arrangement Scheme, a national debt arrangement scheme to enable multiple debts to be assessed with the support of money advisers and paid in accordance with a debt payment programme over a period of time.

Part 2 introduces a new method of enforcement, or diligence, for the attachment of corporeal moveable property. Corporeal moveable property is property which is tangible (corporeal), is not fixed like land or buildings and can be handled and moved (moveable).

Part 3 of the Act provides for special procedures that are to be followed when attaching property kept in dwelling houses.

Part 4 makes provision for the abolition of poindings and warrant sales and repeals various provisions of the Debtors (Scotland) Act 1987.

Part 5 details miscellaneous and general information relating to the Act.

The Scottish Parliament
The Queen's Printer for Scotland