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Complex responses: understanding poor frontline responses to adults with multiple needs - a review of the literature and analysis of contributing factors

Report which is the result of a large scoping review of the research literature in an attempt to understand the many and complex reasons behind poor frontline service responses to adults with multiple needs, with a particular focus on those in contact with the criminal justice system.

The initiative for undertaking this review came from discussions with Revolving Doors’ National Service User Forum. Frequently they reported poor responses to their needs from a wide range of frontline services and there was a concern that positive policy did not always filter down into positive practice on the ground.

The review aims to increase the understanding of the negative experiences frequently had by adults with multiple needs when they are accessing frontline services.

In addition, it aims to explore the primary and underlying factors that contribute to this poor service response, considering interpersonal, professional, organisational and structural factors.

Sarah Anderson
Revolving Doors