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Care provision within families and its socio-economic impact on care providers across the European Union

This is summary of a study that aimed to compile evidence on: the prevalence of long-term informal care-giving within a family setting to dependent family members or relatives in various EU countries, focusing on the most ‘heavily burdened’ carers; the socio-economic impact of care-giving on the households of family carers; and measures aimed at alleviating burdens on family carers by supporting them in the provision of care and/or compensating for the adverse socio-economic consequences of care-giving.

The study used existing national and transnational sources of data, including official statistics and published primary research. Burden and socio-economic impacts of carers of older people and non-older people are discussed in separate sections. Policy and practice measures designed to support carers, rated according to the robustness of evidence also included.

Caroline Glendinning
Hilary Arksey
Frits Tjadens
Marjolein Moree
Nicola Moran
Henk Nies
Social Policy Research Unit