The Body of Law

This learning object is suitable especially for an opening module, enabling discussion of the legal system. The Body of Law will make students aware of: how law is made; how social issues may be reflected in the legal rules; how the legal rules reflect the society of which they are a part; the relationship between national and international jurisdictions; the role of the judiciary and of case law; the separation of powers.

The Body of Law aims to help you understand the structure of the legal system and the way that the law is made. The object presents a series of video interviews with Gwyneth Roberts, Alison Brammer and Stuart Vernon, all of whom have written about social work and law and have taught social workers in training. A full transcript can be seen alongside each video section or a printable version can be downloaded.

The object also uses the metaphor of the human body to present a framework for legal rules. Please note that there is a text only version of this learning object, which facilitates use of the resource on slow connections or with assistive software.

Michael Preston-Shoot
Suzy Braye
Social Care Institute for Excellence
Gwyneth Roberts
Alison Brammer
Stuart Vernon