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Better Futures

What is it? Better Futures outcomes tool is a web-based IT tool designed to enable housing support service providers working with individuals to record their support needs over a period of time. In particular, it provides a means of recording a baseline when someone starts using a service, as well as plotting their aspirations using a unique scoring system. The tool is also able to produce reports from the data held to enable organisations to measure the outcomes of their work with service users on a continuous basis.

Who is it for? It is suitable for use with all adult groups.

Format of recording: Charts individual progress and can produce reports of aggregated information about the profile of service users and measured change in support needs.

Subscription: The framework is available free of charge. The web based recording tool is charged for on an annual basis. The charge for 2012/13 is £300 and is subject to change each year.

Contact: Yvette Burgess:

Housing Support Enabling Unit