independent living

Review of Research on Vulnerable Young People and Their Transitions to Independent Living

A literature review carried out by the University of Edinburgh in August 2007 which found that most young people move on from being looked after at 16 or 17 years; this tends to be an abrupt transition which has been referred to as 'accelerated and compressed', further impacting on other aspects of their lives such as education, relationships and health and well-being.

Living on the edge: enabling older owner occupiers with moderate learning disabilities to live independently

Report focusing on the plight of older people with mild to moderate learning disabilities living independently in their own homes. It notes that many reach crisis points which threaten their independence and argues that a service response model based on crisis support workers is the most effective way of preventing such crises occurring and recurring.

Joint protocol between National Centre for Independent Living (N.C.I.L) & Association of Directors of Social Services (A.D.S.S) for the provision of Centres for Independent Living (CILS) and user led support services

Document stating the joint views and position of the NCIL and the ADSS on issues associated with independent living for disabled people such as direct payments and user-led support services.