European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research: research areas

Centre that provides expertise in the fields of welfare and social policy development in a broad sense - in particular in areas where multi-or interdisciplinary approaches, integrated policies and inter-sectoral action are called for.

The European Centre is a UN-affiliated intergovernmental organisation concerned with all aspects of social welfare policy and research.

The research areas include: ageing and generations; childhood, youth and families; incomes, poverty and social inclusion; long-term care and personal social services; and welfare society.

Using and Doing Research

Using and Doing Research is a module developed by IRISS. It consists of three sessions used to explore this topic:
Session 1: Demystifying research and formulating research questions
Session 2: Finding Out
Session 3: Reflecting and Implementing research findings

Incentives to improve smoking, physical activity, dietary and weight management behaviours : a scoping review of the research evidence

The EPPI-Centre carried out a scoping review to provide an overview of the current international research literature that evaluates the effectiveness of incentives to address health behaviours related to smoking, healthy eating, physical activity, obesity and weight management. This systematic review was published by EPPI-Centre in 2010. .Systematic reviews aim to find as much as possible of the research relevant to the particular research questions, and use explicit methods to identify what can reliably be said on the basis of these studies.

Participation and community on Bradford's traditionally white estates: a community research project

An interactive research project with residents of two traditionally white estates in Bradford, this study explores their perceptions of community and attitudes towards participation, both on the estates and with external agencies. It explores why, given the partial achievements and commitment to improving the lives of some of the most excluded social groups in the UK, government has been unable to generate self-sustaining improvements in these kinds of settings.

Mental Health Foundation

This resource is the website for the Mental Health Foundation which exists to help people survive, recover from and prevent mental health problems.

Its research aims to change our understanding of mental health problems and improve the short and long term future of the nation's mental wellbeing.