Young people's aspirations in rural areas

The LG Group commissioned the NFER to research young people’s aspirations in three rural local authorities (LAs): Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Cumbria. The aim was to explore the influence and impact of low aspirations.
This report presents the findings from this research, which comprised a rapid review of literature and case-study visits to the three areas..
The study had five aims:.

  • Explore the extent to which young people have low aspirations in terms of their personal goals, and the main factors influencing these low aspirations.
  • Look at whether or not low aspirations impact on youth unemployment and the effect of low educational achievement.
  • Examine other factors that may impact on levels of employment and educational achievement.
  • Investigate what rural LAs are already doing to overcome low aspirations, youth unemployment and a lack of value attached to education.
  • Explore what rural LAs could do in the current economic climate to help young people develop their aspirations and improve their employment chances