Work and well-being over time: lone mothers and their children

This report provides findings from the third wave of a qualitative longitudinal study, which began in 2003, following a sample of lone mothers who elected to move into employment supported by tax credits following a period of unemployment in receipt of Income Support (or in a few cases Jobseeker's Allowance). The main aim of the research was to explore how lone mothers and their children manage and adapt to employment over time.

The report draws on data from the third wave of interviews, carried out in 2007, and includes findings from in-depth interviews with both mothers and children. Thirty-four mothers and 37 children took part in this wave. The report examines employment sustainability, exploring the factors that influence how the mothers and children have experienced employment over time and how they have managed the everyday challenges of combining work and care.

Tess Ridge
Jane Millar
Department for Work and Pensions