Women, faith and social cohesion: models for building cohesive communities

This report examines the role of women and faith in building cohesive communities and provides models for developing and evaluating social cohesion activity. It uses a participatory approach with women from diverse backgrounds in Bradford, to examine the role of women and faith in building cohesive communities. The term 'community cohesion' is increasingly used in UK policy, which emphasises strengthening civic society through local action.

This study included working with 19 women in Bradford on six projects aiming to bring communities closer together. The research explores: how interaction between individuals and groups is affected by differing access to resources, capacity and power; and how successful different types of 'bridging' activity are in achieving policy aims, focusing on the role of women and faith groups.

Ghazala Mir
John Lawlor
Mary Godfrey
Joseph Rowntree Foundation