The Tilda Goldberg Centre

Tilda Goldberg was a pioneering social work researcher. She was the Director of Research at the National Institute for Social Work and carried out the first Randomised Controlled Trials in British social work in the 1960s and 1970s. The Goldberg Centre was set-up with core funding from Tilda Goldberg’s bequest to address this problem by developing excellent social care research and supporting the use of evidence-based approaches in practice.

The centre is based at the University of Bedfordshire and will initially focus on research on substance misuse across the field of social care, but its broader remit is to carry out and support excellent research on what works across the whole of social work and social care. It is particularly concerned with evaluating social work interventions and in developing the capacity for experimental and quasi-experimental approaches to such evaluations.

Tilda Goldberg Centre for Research in Social Work and Social Care
University of Bedfordshire