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Talking Points VOCAL: carers

What is it? A tool for capturing carers' outcomes. This approach has been developed by VOCAL and is based on the Talking Points: personal outcomes approach.

Who is it for? It is an outcomes tool to be used with adult unpaid carers. It can be applied to any type of service or support being offered to unpaid carers.

Format of recording: The approach is based on capturing outcomes for carers through conversations with them. The outcomes identified are then recorded on the 'baseline' tool. At an agreed point the progress on these outcomes are reviewed in conversation with the carer, and captured on the 'review' tool. The tools include diagrams and definitions and VOCAL's 8 outcomes. Both quantitative and qualitative data can be produced. The qualitative data requires data analysis.

Subscription: The only potential costs are those involved in any necessary adaptations/developments to databases/recording systems.

Contact: Julie Gardner: