Social Media and Youth Participation in Local Democracy

The Social Media and Youth Participation in Local Democracy report was written as a result of a six-month action learning set run with local authorities from across England by the Local Government Information Unit.

The report outlines practical learning about using social media in youth engagement contexts, divided into four sections:

What’s it all about? – giving an overview of key concepts: Youth participation; Social network sites;

Participation and social network sites - How are young people using social network sites?; Why use social networks to involve young people?; Making the case for using social network sites in youth participation

Practice – drawing on learning from practitioners across 20 different organisations: Principles and values; Strategy; Safety; Measuring impact

Resources – highlighting practical tools and technologies that can be used: Three key concepts; Listening dashboards; Facebook;
Bebo; Ning; Blogging; Video sharing and YouTube

Find out more – signposting to further support: Online communities; Practical guides; Toolkits

Tim Davies
Jasmine Ali
Local Government Information Unit