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Short Breaks Fund: Round 2 evaluation report

The Short Breaks Fund represents a substantial investment by the Scottish Government in the development of short breaks’ provision. Scottish Government, Shared Care Scotland and the National Carer Organisations group are keen to make sure that there is a legacy from this investment, not simply in the form of additional or new short break services, but through better knowledge about what works well in short break services, and about what carers and those they care for need and value.
This report evaluates the impact of funding on 58 projects and...

1. Reviews the individual projects and explores their achievements and challenges
2. Considers how well Round Two projects have contributed towards delivery of the outcomes set for the Short Breaks Fund
3. Considers how well Round Two funded projects delivered the principles of the Short Breaks Fund
4. Captures and highlight examples of innovation, good practice and learning
5. Makes recommendations for improving the reach and impact of the Short Breaks Fund in the future

Shared Care Scotland
Shared Care Scotland