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A review of respite / short break provision for adult carers of adults in the Highland Partnership area

As part of the implementation of the Equal Partners in Care (EPiC) Highland Carer’s Strategy 2014-2017 it was agreed to undertake a review of respite for Adult Carers of Adults (aged 16+). Independent consultants were commissioned by NHS Highland through Connecting Carers to undertake this work. There are four groups of people – totalling an estimated 200 people - with whom conversations have taken place during the review:

  • Carers and staff from carer support organisations – more than 75 carers have given their views
  • Health and social care workforce – we have met with just over 50 people who have given their views and shared our initial findings with more than 60 others
  • Respite providers – we have met with staff from 15 organisations that are providers of respite Those staff responsible for overseeing the commissioning, planning and administration of respite.
Anne McDonald
Donald Macleod
NHS Highland Health Board
Highland Adult Services Commissioning Group