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Review of respite services and short-term breaks for carers for people with dementia

The study aimed to establish the current state of knowledge about the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of respite services and short breaks for carers for people with dementia. The overall aim encompassed six objectives:
• to identify the range of services available for carers,
• to examine evidence from national and international published and grey
(unpublished) literature about effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of
respite services for carers of people with dementia,
• to develop existing conceptualisations of ‘effectiveness’ and ‘costeffectiveness’,
• to ensure the views of key stakeholders were central to the literature
• to identify examples of good practice,
• to advise on areas of priority for further research.
The report presents the findings from the literature review and consultation with representatives from national statutory and voluntary organisations, and carers.

Hilary Arksey
Karen Jackson
Karen Croucher
Helen Weatherly
Su Golder
Philippa Hare
Elizabeth Newbronner
Sally Baldwin
National Co-ordinating Centre for NHS Service Delivery and Organisation R & D (NCCSDO)