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Prevention and reduction: a review of strategies for intervening early to prevent or reduce youth crime and anti-social behaviour

Review aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the key characteristics of ‘what works’ in terms of early interventions to prevent or reduce youth crime or anti-social behaviour.

By drawing on evidence from the international literature, primarily the US where the evidence base is especially strong, it provides a critical evaluation of youth crime interventions in England, where the scientific evidence is less robust.

The report consists of two separate although interrelated parts. The first examines the international evidence, predominantly from the US, where the extent and quality of evidence is especially strong.

The second part focuses specifically on current or recent policy in England, examining evaluations that have been carried out. Although these are fewer in number and some significant investigations will not conclude until later in 2011, there is nevertheless a steadily growing literature examining the effectiveness of recent government policy in this area.

Andy Ross
Kathryn Duckworth
David J Smith et al
Department for Education
Centre for Analysis of Youth Transitions (CAYT)