Plusone mentoring: evaluation


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plusone mentoring is an early intervention programme that uses a voluntary mentoring approach to engage with young people aged mainly 8 to 14 years who are deemed at high risk of future offending. It combines the school, social work, police and community model with a youth work model, which emphasises community involvement and responsive practice in work with young people.

The programme is significant in its focus on work with a younger cohort than the majority of other community based mentoring projects in the UK and in its prevention scope. It specifically aims to work with ‘high tariff’ cases of young people. In contrast to many other mentoring programmes, plusone mentoring, by focusing on this younger age group, shows a high level of impact in both improvements in behaviour and in developing young people’s emotional and social resilience.

This document is an evaluation of the programme.

Matej Blazek
Donna Marie Brown
Fiona M Smith et al
University of Dundee