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An outcomes framework for young people

Outcomes framework designed to support understanding and measurement of the connections between intrinsic personal and social development outcomes and longer-term extrinsic outcomes. The framework: - Proposes a model of seven interlinked clusters of social and emotional capabilities that are of value to all young people, supported by a strong evidence base demonstrating the links to longer-term outcomes. - Sets out a matrix of available tools to measure these capabilities, outlining which capabilities they cover, and key criteria such as their cost and the number of users. - The process of measurement and evaluation is set out step by step in four case studies covering choices made by providers, commissioners and funders. It seeks to address the key challenges in measuring the impact of services for young people. A stronger evidence base and coherence in language will not come about overnight. However, the elements of the framework should enable good progress to a position where providers are confident and able to evidence their impact; and commissioners are confident to supplement their focus on reducing negative outcomes with an equal or stronger focus on commissioning for positive and sustained personal and social development, which evidence shows is fundamental to young people’s current and future wellbeing and success.

Bethia McNeil
Julia Rich
Neil Reeder
The Young Foundation