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NSPCC youth centres (Radio 4 series: Woman's Hour)

This episode of Radio 4's Woman's Hour series looks at building a network for young people and NSPCC youth centres. When a young person has problems, often the last thing they want to do is to confide in a social worker. Many regard such people as frightening figures of authority with a quite terrifying degree of power over their lives, including the right to take them away from their families, or to force them to move foster homes against their will.

In an effort to provide a more relaxed setting where young people can meet and build up a real relationship with social workers, the NSPCC now runs at a network of Children's Centres around the country. Caroline Swinburne went to Warrington to visit the Peace Centre which was set up in 2000 after the IRA bomb in Warrington.

Caroline Swinburne
British Broadcasting Corporation