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Naughty or ill? (Radio 4 series: You and Yours)

This episode of Radio 4's You and Yours series looks at different views on the diagnosis of ADHD in children. Tens of thousands of children in the UK are given powerful drugs to calm them down. Leo Mckinstry, writer for The Spectator is one of the many who suspect that we are making an illness out of ordinary childhood behaviour and creating problems of hyperactivity by confining children in their homes. Joining the discussion are Priscilla Alderson, Professor of Childhood Studies at the Institute of Education, Dr David Coghill, senior lecturer in child and adolescent psychiatry and Andrea Bilbow, the founder and director of ADDISS, the National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service. Parents of children diagnosed with ADHD also speak.

Leo Mckinstry
Priscilla Alderson
Andrea Bilbow
David Coghill
British Broadcasting Corporation