Narrowing the gap in outcomes for vulnerable groups: a review of the research evidence

This report presents findings from a review of the best evidence on narrowing the gap in outcomes across the five Every Child Matters (ECM) areas for vulnerable groups. The aims and focus of the review was to look at the empirically-based research on narrowing the gaps in outcomes that had been carried out in the UK since 2002; identify the vulnerable groups covered in the research; identify which ECM outcome areas in which the gaps are being narrowed; to identify how gaps are being narrowed; and to identify gaps in the research or evidence base.

Findings from the review are presented under the following chapter headings: schools improving outcomes and working with other children’s services to improve outcomes; the engagement of parents and carers in their children’s education and in improving wider outcomes; key findings in early intervention and prevention; local leadership; gaps in the evidence; and concluding comments. Appendices provide information on the search strategy, the literature summary template and an overview of the literature included in the review.

Sally Kendall
Suzanne Straw
Megan Jones
Iain Springate
Hilary Grayson
National Foundation for Educational Research