Growing up in Scotland: year 2: results from the second year of a study following the lives of Scotland's children

Growing Up in Scotland (GUS) is a major longitudinal study launched in 2005 with the aim of tracking a group of children and their families from the early years, through childhood and beyond. Funded by the Scottish Government its main aim is to provide information to support policy-making, but it is also intended to be a broader resource that can be drawn on by academics, voluntary sector organisations and other interested parties.

This report provides information from the second sweep of the survey, conducted between April 2006 and March 2007. The report covers characteristics and circumstances of children and their families, housing, neighbourhood and community, food and eating, activities, child health and development, parenting styles and parenting responsibilities, parental support, childcare and work-life balance, and experiences of pre-school education.

Paul Bradshaw
Sarah Cunningham-Burley
Fiona Dobbie
Andy MacGregor
Louise Marryat
Rachel Ormston
Fran Wasoff
Scottish Government