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GIRFEC: Wellbeing Web

What is it? The Wellbeing Web has been developed by practitioners in Angus and is intended to be an interactive and engaging process to measure outcomes. This tool is based on an affirmative coaching model focusing on people's potential rather than their problems. It is used to support and assist growth and change. For more information about the development of the Wellbeing Web, see the case study Measuring outcomes in Angus on the IRISS website.

Who is it for? To be used in children and young people's services. It enables work with children and their carers to recognise where they are, where they would like to be and what steps they need to take to get there.

Format of recording: The Wellbeing Web uses the Getting It Right indicators of wellbeing to guide discussion about key areas of an individual's life : I am safe, I am healthy, I am achieving, I feel nurtured, I am active, I feel respected, I am responsible, I feel included. Each indicator has an associated prompt card. There are different prompt cards for children and adults. Its function is to provoke discussion about issues and create a graphic scale which shows the person's progress and journey of change. The Wellbeing Web can also be used to inform discussion during professional supervision or child's plan meetings.

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Contact: Hazel Robertson, Service Manager, Angus Council Social Work and Health:; Kirsty Lee, Senior Planning Officer, Angus Council Social Work and Health:

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