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Get Going Together : an induction tool for health and social care integrated services

Health Boards and Local Authorities recognise that to improve the joint working performance of the professionals within the services, there is a requirement to develop structures to support joint working including joint funding of services, joint management and joint training. This tool intends to focus on the joint training arrangements and to augment the joint training activities, by developing opportunities for a shared learning within integrated services.

This process would begin within the induction period for all new staff to an organisation including support staff and professionally qualified staff. This tool recognises that induction is the foundation to the development of individuals and the organisation. All organisations have induction processes that support new employees.

This tool maps a process that allows induction of staff to integrated services and should be conducted to allow this experience to be carried out together with interagency colleagues, enabling shared learning and experience, and supporting joint working in the near future.

NHS Education for Scotland
Scottish Social Services Council