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Evaluation of the sector-led peer challenge programme 2012/13

The peer challenge programme is an integral part of the sector-led improvement programme. While originally conceived as a centrally run system with a number of 'early adopter' councils, peer challenge has developed on a regional basis. Each region now has its own programme manager, a lead-Chief Executive, a lead-Lead Member for Children's Services, and a lead Director of Children's Services (DCS) who drive forward the regional approach.

Each of these key individuals was invited to participate in telephone interviews during January 2013 to inform the research. The research team explored the various delivery models across the nine regions. Building on the previous illuminative evaluation of the peer challenge early adopter programme, (Easton et al. 2012), this research focused on impact, efficiency and effectiveness of the programme in achieving its aims. It also sought to explore sustainability of the model.

Claire Easton
Monica Hetherington
Emily Lamont et al
National Foundation for Educational Research