Ending child poverty: 'Thinking 2020'

In June 2008, the Child Poverty Unit held an event entitled ’Ending Child Poverty: “Thinking 2020”’ at which around 100 stakeholders from across lobby organisations, academic institutions, devolved administrations and local and central Government attended. The event was designed to begin a discussion with stakeholders on the vision for a UK free of child poverty by 2020, and the route by which that could be achieved.

To facilitate discussion and debate, four think-pieces were commissioned from academics and think-tanks which were then presented and discussed at the event. This report contains the write-up of the event, plus the authors’ four think-pieces on financial support, employment, communities and children’s life chances.

Graeme Cooke
Paul Gregg
Donald Hirsch
Naomi Jones
Anne Power
Department for Work and Pensions