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Early Intervention: Securing good outcomes for all children and young people

Today, it is widely agreed by experts across the world that early intervention can be of enormous benefit to children. That is why, as this paper sets out, the government is investing in a number of evidence-based prevention and early intervention programmes and supporting their roll out across the country.

This document draws together a wealth of research and good practice with the aim of supporting Children’s Trust Boards and their constituent partners to bring greater consistency, rigour and impact to the way early intervention is organised and delivered locally.

The document sets out plans for a new Early Intervention Implementation Group which will draw on informed advice and practical experience both from within the Government and from those who deal with these practical issues every day, to make recommendations about how further impetus can be provided for effective early intervention.

It also includes a commitment to commission experts to explore the potential of Social Impact Bonds to lever in additional resources to support early intervention approaches with children and young people.

Department for Children, Schools and Families