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The domestic cultivation of cannabis

An examination of the domestic cultivation of cannabis in England and Wales. This report examines the domestic cultivation of cannabis in England and Wales. Traditionally cannabis has been imported into the country by drug traffickers, but the extent of home cultivation has grown rapidly over the past decade, and home growing now accounts for a significant amount of cannabis consumed in this country.

This study identifies why different people become involved in the home-growing of cannabis – ranging through the medicinal, social and commercial – and considers the implications for policing the different groups. It examines approaches taken to tackling cultivation in various other countries and considers how the United Nations’ Conventions on illicit drugs affect domestic policy in this area.

The study draws on a small-scale survey of growers, a survey of police forces and on desk research. The report concludes with a summary of key findings and draws out implications for policy.

Mike Hough
Hamish Warburton
Bradley Few
Tiggey May
Lan-Ho Man
John Witton
Paul J Turnbull
Joseph Rowntree Foundation