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Delivering dignity: securing dignity in care for older people in hospitals and care homes. A report for consultation

This draft report, based on expert evidence, recommends fundamental changes to the culture, leadership, management, staff development, clinical practice and service delivery of care homes and NHS hospitals to secure the dignified care that is the right of all older people, with the belief that getting it right for older people will mean getting it right for everyone. The three organisations which have established the Commission want to play a major role in supporting hospitals and care homes to improve dignity in care, led by the staff who are working there day to day. It sets out ‘what good looks like’, based on evidence from hospitals and care homes that are already providing excellent dignity in care for older people. The report seeks to help hospitals and care homes identify how they need to change to deliver dignity for every person every time. It also sets out the changes that need to take place in the wider health and social care system to support hospitals and care homes in prioritising dignity in care.

NHS Confederation