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Child poverty outcomes models: an international review

Rapid review that pulls together evidence from three very different countries on how each has conceptualised the problem of child poverty and how they have tried to prevent or reduce it. The various strategies used are in line with the particular countries' overall social policy practice and view towards people living in poverty. The countries were selected based on their diversity to one another and the unique lessons each can bring to bear on NI.

The remainder of the paper briefly highlights some recent statistics on child poverty in NI, and then outlines the key factors underlying child poverty. It summarises the three primary policy responses aimed at reducing child poverty.

Finally, it describes child poverty strategies in Denmark, United States (focusing primarily on the State of Connecticut and the City of New York) and Scotland, highlighting which of the policy responses is paramount in their strategy and some key programmes included within the strategy. The paper concludes with lessons for NI.

Becky Fauth
Rachel Blades
Chloe Gill
National Children's Bureau