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Case study: children, families and child protection

This case has been designed as a focus for learning about the legal, ethical and practice issues emerging from a child protection case scenario. As the case moves from allegations of abuse to planning for permanent care, learners can be asked to interpret and assess an unfolding scenario of complex need and to consider a variety of responses designed both to promote the welfare of the three children and ensure parents’ rights are actively considered. The case study consists of five short video clips representing the case at different points in time and offering the different perspectives of key players in the case: an anonymous caller; social workers involved in the initial investigation; a neighbour; a foster carer; and Jasmine Donnelly the thirteen year old daughter of Sharon Donnelly.

Mel Cadman
Kathryn Cameron
Julie Austin
Martin Laycock
Grahame Paterson
Jeff Grant
Graeme Fleming
Scottish Institute for Excellence in Social Work Education